Who is Claire Helping?

I am Claire, the founder of Claire Helping.

I won’t detail my academic background or the various positions I’ve held here.

You can discover that on my LinkedIn profile.

I want to talk about who I REALLY am:

I am someone who deeply cares for others, and this has been a driving force in everything I have undertaken so far.

On one hand, I’m driven by multiculturalism, the blending of cultures, especially in the workplace. This passion led me to studies with an international focus. Today, I am actively involved with expatriate French communities. Through this, I work with clients overseas.

For instance, remotely, I sold all the furniture for someone who had to quickly leave Dubai, thanks to my network on Facebook. Within days, I joined several groups, and almost all of their belongings were sold within a week. I also helped someone rent out their property in just a few days, despite it having been listed with a real estate agency for a while.

Why choose me for such tasks?

Simply because I am known to be dynamic. With me, things don’t drag on, and you can be assured that I will see tasks through to the smallest detail. I am also highly organized, straightforward, and pragmatic. I get straight to the point without wasting time. I optimize tasks to the fullest: this ensures timesaving and undeniably adds value to even the simplest of tasks (and even to more complex ones 😉).

Most of my clients tell me they often forget things, struggle to stick to a roadmap, or fall behind in their tasks. That’s precisely where I come in, helping clients free themselves from this mental burden and focus on their goals.

Furthermore, I value human connections immensely. I’m deeply interested in human relations which naturally led me to pursue studies in Human Resources.

I enjoy expanding my network, and I easily connect with others. Establishing contacts comes naturally to me because I am very approachable (and let’s face it, quite pleasant 😉).

From Executive Assistant to Business Development Manager, from a French communication teacher abroad to HR Assistant, I’ve excelled in all these roles. In my references, you can find feedback from various individuals I’ve collaborated with.

My priority is to build a trustful relationship with my clients, offering them all my support, knowledge, and skills to assist in their business. Clients consider me as their right hand: THEIR ASSISTANT. And when that happens, I’ve achieved my goal.

Today, as a freelancer, I can offer a wide range of services to support your business.

Being a multitasker, I adapt to anything – I’m a true chameleon. I offer my past experiences, acquired skills, and above all, my curiosity and eagerness to excel.

Contact me so we can discuss your project together!