A Training Course to Become a Virtual Assistant

…or to finally become your own boss and work with pleasure

from anywhere and whenever you want!

For several years, I have thrived as a Virtual Assistant:

  • I am my own boss.
  • I take great pleasure in working with clients with whom I form connections.
  • Together, we develop new projects.
  • I manage my time as I see fit; my job offers the utmost flexibility.
  • I’m always there for my children, and that’s invaluable!
  • I allow myself to travel while still being able to work (no, I never abandon my clients! I pride myself on always being there for them, and they genuinely appreciate it)

In short, I’ve found the activity that makes me work purely for pleasure, and I truly enjoy what I’m doing now.

What’s more natural than wanting for others what you want for yourself?

Those who have worked in the same field for years and have expertise will confirm: we feel the need to pass on our knowledge to help those less experienced find their path.

That’s why, with 2 partners, I founded the Training Organization L’Forme.

We offer training so you can finally become a Virtual Assistant and pursue a career that brings you happiness!

Discover the Training

The Virtual Assistant’s Toolkit


Discover the Training

The Virtual Assistant’s Toolkit